Medi-Cupping and Vacuum Therapy

Our Lymphatic system is the body’s drainage and filtration system. Vacuum therapy lifts and separates the layers of the skin and underlying tissue to enable movement of stagnant congestion trapped within the tissues. Massage Cupping and vacuum therapy draws inflammation out from deep in those tissues to be released. This increased local blood supply to the muscles and skin will bring nourishment and allow for toxins to be carried away via the lymph. Conditions of chronic and acute pain can be relieved with minimal discomfort and tense muscles softened quickly and easily.  Massage Cupping is also effective to release restrictions in fascia and scar tissue, such as plantar fasciitis.

Surgical Preparation and Recovery (Please get clearance from your Doctor)
A favorite application for vacuum therapies is surgical preparation and recovery. Preoperative drainage can improve recovery time and decrease the postsurgical discoloration and swelling that can be very noticeable from procedures such as rhinoplasty, melanoma or cancer removal, and full or partial face lifts.
Vacuum therapies have been successfully used for postsurgical applications that include scar reduction, skin graft integration, and releasing restrictions that can inhibit normal lymphatic and soft tissue function.

Manual (silicone, plastic, or glass cups) or a vacuum-cupping machine may be used depending on the therapy. 

Cupping Therapy Treats:

Acute and Chronic Pain Reduction 


Joint Mobilization                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Scar & Adhesion reduction

Migraine, Tension Heachaches, TMJ & Sinusitis Therapy

Lymph Drainage, stagnant Lymph Edema

Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis and golfer’s elbow

Releasing Tight, Contacted Muscle Tissue

Athletic Stress and Injury and Performance Enhancement

Cellulite Reduction

Pre and Post-Operative Therapy to Shorten Recovery Time & Enhance Surgical Results.