Kinesio Taping

The Kinesio Taping Method is a rehabilitative taping technique used to facilitate the body’s natural healing process. Safe and effective for most conditions from acute injuries to chronic pain, it provides stability to muscles and joints without restricting range of motion. It extends the benefits of massage therapy and provides extended soft tissue support. Kinesio Tex® tape is safe for all ages, is latex free, and wearable for days. By targeting different receptors within the somatosensory system, Kinesio® Tex Tape alleviates pain, decreases inflammation, and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from taping. Your first application is complementary with another service.

Dynamic Taping

Originally developed for Sports Physiotherapy, Dynamic Tape is rapidly becoming an essential tool for therapists and physicians of all disciplines, proving extremely popular with neurologic, pediatric and hand therapists.

Dynamic Tape is highly specialized and designed to contribute genuine mechanical force into the kinetic chain. Working like a bungee chord, the unique, strongly elastic Dynamic Tape aims to absorb load, contribute to force generation, improve biomechanical efficiancy and modify faulty movement patterns. Load reduction combined with powerful neurophysiological effects may provide prompt pain relief, reduce metabolic demand, facilitate recovery and improve function.