These exercises will help extend the effects of your massage, and help prevent future injuries. Print out the ones suggested to you by your therapist for your specific needs. Please read the disclaimer first and as always, listen to your body.

Disclaimer Self Care Manual

1. Hip Flexor Stretches Psoas, Iliacus, Quadriceps

2.Hip Flexor Stretches with ball

3.Leg: Hip Stretch Quadriceps

4.Leg: Hip Stretch Quadriceps with rope

5.Hip Stretch Quadriceps

6.Back: Hip Stretch QL Erector Spinae over ball

7.Back: Hip Stretch QL: Erector Spinae

8.Hip Stretch- Glute Maximus

9.Hip Stretch- Lateral Ratators

10.Hip Stretch Vastus Lateralis: TFL

11.Hip Stretch Medial Rotators